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IPCD invites submissions for Short Papers, Workshops and Panel Discussions

Please follow the submission instructions below

Submission Deadline 2020 – tbc

Response Date 2020- tbc

Accepted presenters must register by September 1st in the given year to be included

Submissions should be emailed to

For any other Questions please email:

General Information for Authors / Presenters

Submissions are sought for short talks, workshops and Panel sessions on themes relevant to Practitioners in mental health and well being, organisational and business psychology, or child development, educational and school psychology. High quality papers in fields outside of psychology will be considered. In all areas the focus should be on research and knowledge relevant to professional practice. Where researchers are presenting primary research please ensure the implication of the findings forms the basis for the presentation.

All Presentations should be knowledge driven in nature and should not be used to promote or advertise any specific organisation or tool by the author. However presenters and attendees are encouraged to use the event for networking. It is expected that accepted authors will actively participate in the event and interact with other delegates outside of their presentation.

Category: Papers / short presentations (30mins)

Standard paper sessions must be maximum 30mins in length for clinical or child/education themes but can be up to 45mins in length for organisational themes. Presenters will give a standard presentation and include time for brief Q and A following their presentation. Speakers are encouraged to make the talk engaging and interactive within the time allowed.

Paper sessions will be open to all attendees including students and general public.

Category: Workshops (1.5hours)

These sessions should comprise practical training relevant to professional psychologists. This could include (but not limited to) information about new or updated assessment tools; training or information about therapeutic techniques or interventions; skill development in areas relevant to education and child development.

Workshops may be provided by commercial organisations to promote a specific tool but must include discussion of relevant evidence and evaluations. Workshops may not be entirely promotional in nature and should provide some learning outcomes without purchase of the product. Evaluation of workshops proposals will focus on the inclusion of interactive or practical activities, please ensure this is highlighted in your description.

Workshop sessions will limited to a professional/practitioner audience only.

Category: Panel Discussions (1 hour)

Panel discussions are interactive sessions where practitioners discuss issues in a particular theme. A panel of 2 or more facilitators will provide a basis for the discussion (from their own experiences) and will encourage and manage discussion from the audience. Sessions may include a brief presentation if this enables audience participation.

Examples of relevant topics would be ‘working with emotions’ or emotional intelligence; narcissism and dark personality traits in different settings; behavioural change in different contexts; best practice or issues specific to the Gulf Region.

IPCD 2018 would like to encourage panel discussion ideas, particularly where topics may bring a diverse practitioner base together on a topic. Or where practitioners may be able to discuss best practice for the industry.

What to Submit

IPCD 2018 will require THREE (short) parts for each submission.


1. Brief written summary

  • A clear heading stating the proposed title, authors name(s) and affiliation(s), and the session category (paper, workshop, discussion).
  • A statement of who the potential audience for the presentation would include.
  • An abstract (or topic overview for workshops and discussions) of no more than 400words (give word count) and include a reference list of cited literature
  • Workshops should also include a list of aims and/or learning outcomes for the practical aspect of the session

2. Presenters Information

  • The primary presenter must include a brief biography of no more than 100 words starting with educational qualifications (can be listed) and then describing relevant indicators of expertise including publications, projects, awards or career highlights (as sentences).
  • The presenter must include a contact email(s) that can be published to delegates and printed in the proceedings.
  • Where relevant affiliations and commercial interests should be declared.

3. Short Video Introduction (for speakers new to IPCD)

  • If you have previously presented at IPCD you do not need to complete this step.
  • Please record a brief 2-3min introduction to your topic and yourself. If you are not sure what to say here are some suggestions:
    • Name, area of work/interest, and a fun fact about yourself!
    • What is your topic, why is this important for practitioners to learn/know?
    • What are you looking forward to about attending IPCD 2018?
  • This can be recorded on an iphone or any available device (quicktime or other common software) and does not need to be formal.
  • The language medium must be English.
  • The video will be used simply to review presenters ability to engage and energise a professional audience.
  • If the video is then too large to send via email you can try sharing on dropbox or google drive. If none of these are available please email us and we will send a link for upload.

Note that those accepted to the clinical or child development stream may be asked to provide further information (cv/ppt slides/reference list) as part of our accreditation submission. Please be prepared to send these in when requested.

Proposals will be reviewed and rated by a panel of practitioners in the relevant field.

 Accepted authors must complete registration (including any visa applications to relevant authorities) by September 1st 2018 to be included in the final programme.

Accepted authors will be offered a discounted rate on conference registration but must purchase a ticket to be included in the conference proceedings and agenda. Any cost of travel and accommodation will be at own cost however IPCD team can advise on budget options in the area.

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