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Devika Mankani

Devika is a licensed Psychologist with over 18 years of experience working in mental health. She is proud to say she works in her dream job, which involves working with individuals and families to facilitate flourishing relationships. Through a variety of youth development programs and adult workshops, she has had the privilege of working with over 15,000 individuals and children in the United States and Dubai. Devika’s approach to psychotherapy is guided by an integrated method of humanistic, cognitive and behavioral therapies with a mind-body focus. With a keen interest in the neuro-biological basis of health and well-being, Devika believes that the journey of understanding your unconscious beliefs can lead you to a shift where you connect with your true self and your strengths. In addition to clinical practice at the Hundred Wellness Centre in Dubai, she is the Chief Positive Psychologist at Fortes Education Schools. During the pandemic, she co-founded, an online tele-mental health platform aimed to support practitioners and clients through their journey of self-discovery and healing.

The future of mental health services: The role of tele-services

Post the initial spike in the use of technology platforms during the pandemic, we are continuing to see the uptake in utilization of tele-mental health services. Research studies carried out pre

and post pandemic show the growth from 33 % to 50 % in 2021. A surprising 97% of practitioners surveyed in a study in 2021 reported that tele-mental health should stay. Studies with clients are even more common, with a greatly positive response relating to personal criteria. But what is the new patient journey, and the measure of efficacy when it comes to tele-mental health services? We present a view on some of the research studies done on clients’ responses to their clinical requirements after receiving online sessions. Practitioners have got their own learning curve on this journey, and with tele-mental health the new way forward, there are changes that we must adapt to enhance efficiency in practice.

Devika Mankani
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