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Dr Maria Weissenböeck


Dr. Maria Weissenböck, Vienna/Austria Institutions: University of Applied Sciences, Women Health Center, Private Practice

Presenter Biography: PhD (Psychology), Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist

• State-approved Clinical and Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Austria since 1993

• Postgraduate of several academic trainings such as Systemic Children-Youth and Family Psychology,

Critical Incident Stress Management, Emergency Psychology, Psychotraumatology, Traumafocused

Therapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy

• 20 years of experience at the Semmelweis Gynaecological and Birth Hospital and Women Health Center

• Cooperation with psychiatric departments of public and private hospitals and medical offices

• Consultant and supervisor at hospitals e.g. the Vienna University General Hospital and other

organizations such as Austrian Children’s Cancer society and Vienna Agency for Children and Families

• Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (midwives and nurses) since 1994

• Supervisor for medical staff and private clients

Main areas

• Puerperium, postnatal depression, mother-child-interaction, bonding... traumata, PTBS, adaption, compulsion and anxiety disorders, panic attacks

• Children, Youth and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy

Publications and co-publications (outline)

• Published book: My Baby has arrived – a practical psychological guidance for mothers (and fathers)

• Effects of preliminary information on breastfeeding and nursing

• Effects of preventive psychological birth preparations on the progress of birth and puerperium

• Prenatal psychological factors of stress developing postnatal depression


• BÖP – Official Austrian Association of Psychologists (mandated by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Health)

• ÖBVP – Official Austrian Association of Psychotherapists (mandated by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Health)

• ECP – European Certificate of Psychotherapy

• MEGA – Milton Erickson Hypnotherapy Association Austria (associated to the international association)

• EGO-State Therapy International Association

Mail: Mobile: +43 89911280187 Website:

Why not start development of resilience from the very first moment?

Current topics of modern brain research have shown that already early experiences cause deep marks on the brain of a fetus.

These influences have not been recognized as serious for a long time.

But – without overestimating every life situation – there are a lot of incidents which cause harm on the baby’s mental and emotional development as well as on attachment and bonding. For example difficulties during pregnancy, complication during birth and postnatal time.

Knowledge of the brain’s function combined with trauma-therapy elements such as EMDR are building a very practical approach.

The method presented here I am using in my professional activities at the maternity and children’s hospital, my private practice, training courses and at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna


This short presentation may awake interest starting resilience training at a very early time. It also can be the initial situation looking for further training courses.


Development of resilience

New use of EMDR with newborns and parents Improvement of self-regulation management

Dr. Maria Weissenböck Gregor-Mendel Str. 37 1190 Vienna/Austria

M: +43 6991 1280187

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Dr Maria Weissenböeck
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