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Dr Nabhit Kapur

Dr Nabhit Kapur is a well-known psychologist who is well-versed in understanding mental health as well as studying and grasping behaviours of how people communicate with each another. He is also an author, TEDx speaker, and internationally recognized ambassador for mental health and peace.

Mental Health: One of the most important challenges of the 21st century

Mental Health is an unavoidable part of our overall health and cannot be ignored. In the past few years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are unable to ignore the impact created by various factors that impact on our mental and emotional health, such as enforced social isolation due to restrictions imposed to manage the pandemic. A lot of people are unaware that the challenges they are facing can be due to disorders, illnesses, or chemical imbalances in their brains – all of which can be improved with the right kind of help. Some of the primary reasons for this unawareness are lack of knowledge regarding various mental disorders and conditions, lack of accessibility to resources, treatment expenses, and stigmas faced around mental health disorders. Many people have undiagnosed mental health disorders, including disorders such as mood and compulsive disorders, that remain untreated and unresolved. If we are to fully combat people’s health in a holistic manner, we need to take a step forward and work towards tackling one of the most important challenges of the 21st century – mental health. 

Dr Nabhit Kapur
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