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Madeleine Harling

Madeleine is a passionate Organizational Psychologist Consultant and Talent Solutions professional with 7 years' experience working in the field of psychology, 5 years specifically located in the Middle East. She has increased organization effectiveness by designing and delivering high impact solutions via the creation of evidence-based assessment and development initiatives integrating best-practice organizational psychology.

Madeleine has an extensive experience in end-to-end learning solutions and is a specialist in MBTI, coaching and emotional intelligence initiatives delivering engaging learning journeys across Mid-Level Management to C-Suite Executives. She has a diverse client portfolio including Samsung, TDRA, HSBC and Zurich Insurance.

In addition, she has broad experience identifying and selecting high potential talent for development and selection purposes, leading and managing client projects from concept to delivery. Madeleine is trained in multiple psychometric instruments that enable her to work at various levels in the organization and across industry.

How do we prepare our leaders and organizations for the ever-increasing demand of ‘being more resilient’?

As the world of work continues to change, the key attributes of leaders continue to be debated and reviewed. At the end of 2021, we surveyed 1,077 employees, 828 leaders and interviewed 35 HR Executives in 34 countries to obtain a comprehensive, balanced view of what leaders and employees see as being crucial for leadership in the coming years. Not surprisingly, behaviours and approaches directly related to resilience have stood out as being key in the expectation of employees from their leaders as well as leaders of themselves. During this session, we will share key insights and themes that raise the question of how we prepare our leaders and organizations for the ever-increasing demand of ‘being more resilient’.

Madeleine Harling
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