International Psychology Conference Dubai (IPCD 2021)

8ᵗʰ &  9ᵗʰ October 2021

Theme: Connectedness in a post-COVID world 
Friday 8ᵗʰ October 2021: A Unique Mix of Online Content, and
Saturday 9ᵗʰ October 2021: In-Person Workshops
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IPCD 2021: Connectedness in a Post-COVID World

IPCD 2021: Connectedness in a

Post-COVID World 

Being connected with others is one of the most crucial aspects of human life. Social networks fulfill the need to belong, be accepted, and be recognized. Meaningful interactions with others can have significant psychological implications on well-being, emotions and physical health. The role of supportive relationships is an important aspect of how we define ourselves in contexts such as family, friends, school, community and the workplace.
Changes in connections due to physical distancing during the pandemic created both expected and unexpected impacts on health outcomes, with potentially long-lasting effects. Therefore, IPCD’s 2021 theme will be dedicated to connectedness, and the role that psychological science can play in both understanding the challenges associated with physical and/or social isolation, and in promoting resilience by acknowledging that both the quality and quantity of one’s relationships can buffer against negative health outcomes.

Clinical & Health Psychology

For professionals seeking to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing at the individual and community level. Topics that focus on considerations unique to the GCC region are particularly welcome.

Organizational & Coaching Psychology

For professionals in any aspect of organisational and/or industrial enhancements and development, as well as employee performance, productivity, and health and safety.

Child & Adolescent Psychology

 For educational psychologists, school counsellors, teachers and those in child and adolescent clinical services, we explore how psychological theory, practices and interventions can enhance wellbeing, educational outcomes, and community engagement.

Forensic Psychology

New for 2020, this is for professionals who work in legal, correctional, judicial and investigative settings.

Our 2020 Conference: Social Identity Co-existence in a Changing World

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