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Unique Keynotes, Dynamic Short Papers, Diverse Panel Discussions, Valuable Learning Workshops.

We look forward to see you there!

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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(14th Oct 2023)
















































(15th Oct 2023)


Dubai Knowledge
Park Conference

9:00 - 12:15

Dubai Campus

Dubai Campus


09:00 - 09:45


09:45 - 10:00



10:00 - 11:00


11:00 - 11:15



11:15 - 12:15


12:15 - 13:30




13:30 - 14:15







14:25 - 15:10






15:20 - 16:05




16:05 - 16:45



16:45 - 17:30






17:40 - 18:25








08:30 - 09:00








09:00 - 11:30



11:35 - 12:45




12:45 - 13:30








13:40 - 14:25









14:35 - 15:20



15:20 - 16:00




16:00 - 16:45





16:55 - 17:40






17:50 - 18:35



18:40 - 18:50

Conference Registrations & Coffee
Opening Session
Professor Dame Heather McGregor, Provost & Vice Principal of Heriot-Watt University Dubai
Keynote Speaker 1: 
Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos
Unravelling 'phygital' work practices among employees: Examining the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Keynote Speaker 2: 
Dr Jacquelyn Berry 
Let's use Mobile Research Methods to make Psychology less WEIRD
Clinical and Counselling Psychology Stream
Organisational, Coaching and Differential Psychology Stream
Child/Adolescent, Education and Design Psychology Stream
Integrating technology in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychological disorders.
Dr. Clarice Mendonca-King & Carla Khalil
Menopause and Mental Health: A time for change and the role of psychology.
Dr Sarah Lawson
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Fizzy feelings and confident parenting: The benefits & challenges of providing online parenting interventions in the digital era.
Dr. Lauren Smith

Rest Break
Enhancing engagement in virtual therapy with people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder.
Dr. Emma Smith & Dr. Elena Touroni 
The importance of Digital Detox on employee well-being and practical suggestions for organizations and employees.
Ayca Demiran
Personalized learning through technology: A game changer for skills development in children with learning disabilities.
Amal Shoaeb Kasmani
Psychology meets digital media meets pedagogy.
Greg Fantham, Lucy Kendra, Colin Morris & Conrado Silva de Farias
Afternoon Tea
Technology & Art Psychotherapy: The pros and cons.
Natalia Gómez-Carlier & Sara Powell

Dads, diapers & deadlines: How working fathers are balancing work and family life in the Middle East.
Valerie Berthelsen

Humanising learning in the Digital Era.
Dr. Sonakshi Ruhela
Development of Bibliotherapy and E-Counselling Intervention (BECI) module for parents of intellectually disabled children
Oindrila Paul

Supporting graduates entering the workplace: Mental health, skills & digital literacies.
Dr Zoë Fortune 

Digitally parenting preteens in the UAE: A cross-cultural qualitative study.
Luna El Khaldy
Finish Day 1
Conference Registrations & Coffee
Clinical and Counselling Psychology Stream
Organisational, Coaching and Differential Psychology Stream
Child/Adolescent, Education and Design Psychology Stream
WORKSHOP (2.5 hours): Online therapy: how to use Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills training for emotion regulation.
Dr. Elif Celebi Adam
Limited to 30 delegates
WORKSHOP (2.5 hours): How to improve communication and clinical outcomes for patients: E-PILL and "medutainment" in practice.
Dr. Rafal Sztembis, Martyna Jasina & Paulina Kruczek
Limited to 40 delegates
WORKSHOP (2.5 hours): Media literacy meets creative art therapies: Exploring the use of an artistic modality to mediate children’s excessive screen time.
Dr. Lamya Tawfik
Limited to 40 delegates
Game Play in a social society: Exploring the risk factors associated with Pathological Online Gaming among youth in Dubai.
Dr. Nazli Balkir Neftci, Chehek Rattra, Shiva Shekari, Meenakshy Nair & Mia Hayek
Use of technology to ameliorate underlying perceptual motor deficits to see its effect on social cognition in Schizophrenia patients.
Arshia Chatterjee
PANEL (70 mins, starting 12.45): Embracing the Digital Transformation in Business Psychology: A Path to Innovation and Impact.

Agata Perepeczko, Dr. Lucy Bolton, Tanya Gordon, Dr. Tina Mistry, Dr. Gary Pheiffer & Rebecca Howard
PANEL (70 mins, starting 14.05): Empowering female managers in the Digital Era: Overcoming barriers, harnessing opportunities.

Dr. Gary Pheiffer, Dr. Lucy Bolton, Dr. Çakil Agnew, Romina Shokouhmand, Tripthi Tharoor & Tara Shtayyeh
Breaking barriers: Unleashing the potential of an online multi-modal approach in adolescent mental health support.
Aditi Nath
Examining impacts of a virtual international mentorship program for psychologists.
Subasri Ashok
Afternoon Tea
What are clients and therapists wanting - and needing - in the MENA region? Insights from an online therapist directory.
Matleena Vanhanen
Breaking taboos: A new approach to mental health in the MENA region.
Sandra Salame

Fantasizing between the lines: Fantasy, imagery vividness and empathy in the digital age.

Safa Sohail
Cultural neutrality in digital therapy: Therapists' perspectives through Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions.
Priya Cima & Athiya Kabir
Using digital tools for early intervention in young adults with mental health problems.
Dr. Nafees Sultana
How emotions are memed: The role of disgust in humour and online content sharing.
Ramandeep Mungur
Innovating boundaries: How technology saved my psychological research.
Haya AlAssaf
Conference Closing Session
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