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Unique Keynotes, Dynamic Short Papers, Diverse Panel Discussions, Valuable Learning Workshops.

We look forward to see you there!

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Saturday, 15th Oct 2022
Day 1 of the conference will be comprised of Presentations (30 minutes), Panel Discussions (60-minutes), and Keynotes (60 minutes) from local and international experts. Earn 7 hours of BPS-accredited CPD hours in one day.

Sunday, 16th Oct 2022
Day 2 of the conference will be comprised of a series of 3-hour interactive workshops. Earn 3 hours of BPS-accredited CPD hours per workshop.
Tickets are limited to enable discussions and engagement.
The workshops are only available to Psychological Professionals to register and attend.





(15th Oct 2022)























(16th Oct 2022)




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Clinical and Counselling Psychology Stream
Organisational & Design Psychology Stream
Youth, Education, Community & Positive Psychology Stream
Conference Registrations
Opening Session
How resilience and social support strengthen the psychological well-being of inmates with life sentences.
Dr Imaduddin Hamzah
How intercultural skills can make us more resilient
Silvia King & Roberta Pagliarulo
Using change management, story frameworks, and identity focus to build resilience based on the increasing relevance of the Third Culture Kid (TCK) experience.
Christopher O'Shaughnessy
Sponsored Presentation (content TBC)
Sponsored Presentation (content TBC)
Why not start development of resilience from the very first moment?
Dr Maria Weissenböeck
Digital Resilience: Exploring Problematic Social Media Use in Adults.
Dr Justin Thomas
Practical lessons learnt in developing a Resilience assessment within the UAE in adherence to the EFPA guidelines.
Dr Angela de Jong
Sources of Resilience in Abused Children During the Legal Child Protection Process in both Jordan and United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Dr Taghreed M. Abu Sarhan &    Dr Karen Smith Rotabi
Keynote Speaker 1: Dr Derek Mowbray - The Leader, manager and individual role in strengthening resilience.
Lunch Break
Resiliency, Spirituality & Art Therapy.
Natalia Gomez Carlier & Sara Powell
PANEL (1 hour): Transitioning from in-vivo to immersive technologies in CBT.
Dr Per Carlbring, Bilal Awan, Johannes Lanzinger, & Marc Thornton 

Thriving organisations through better Employee Experience.

Richard T. Justenhoven (Welliba)

PANEL (1 hour): Mental Toughness - placing Resilience in context to create a "lens" shedding new insights on key issues in people development.
Doug Strycharczyk, Dr John Perry & Andrea Naylor
Thanks for asking! How UAE-based university students conceptualize happiness and what universities can do to improve it.
Dr Louise Lambert
Learning from South African child protection Social workers about grit as a driving source of resilience in the workplace
Dr Ansie Fouché & Dr Elmien Truter
Using dance from a psychological viewpoint for resilience in daily life.
Nisha Suresh
Keynote Speaker 2: Dr Hani Henry - Construing Resilience as a Relational and Transactional Process: A Cultural Perspective
Afternoon Break
The Islamic modification of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Muslims with Depression.
Farid Elazar
Barriers to resilience in caregivers of people who have schizophrenia.
Dr. Sarah Javed
Dear Machine, Can I trust you? The effectiveness of Artificial Intelligent interviews in predicting individual differences during the hiring process - Rehab Kadry
'Reality Shock!': Understanding the socialisation of young people's work values as they enter the workspace.
Dr. Lucy Bolton
Why do we stay? Examining factors that enhance resilience and longevity among UAE expatriates.
Dr Amy Kellogg
Can the Phoenix still rise? A closer look into how resilience works in times of accumulating traumas in Lebanon.
Dr Myriam El Khoury-Malhame
Closing Session
Conference Dinner @ BYTES Restaurant, Grand Plaza Movenpick Media City, Dubai.
Stream 1: Enhancing resilience at work
Stream 2: Enhancing resilience of vulnerable groups
Morning Workshop Registrations & Coffee
How to develop a WELCOMING team: Understanding, perspective and doing as key ingredients.
Dr Anna Sedda & Dr Cakil Agnew
Exploring the impact of collaborative theatre in the creation of a culture of resilience.
Lauren Noble, Dr Kirin Hilliar & Dr Lamya Tawfik
Lunch Break
Afternoon Workshop Registrations
Resilience training for mental health practitioners.
Dr Ananya Sinha
Understanding embodied resilience in the neurodiverse community.
Mrs Tarana Khatri