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Unique Keynotes, Dynamic Short Papers, Diverse Panel Discussions, Valuable Learning Workshops.

We look forward to see you there!

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Friday 8th Oct 2021
This online conference will be comprised of Presentations (30 minutes), Panel Discussions (60-minutes), and Keynotes (60 minutes) from local and international experts. They will cover topics including clinical, health, positive, organizational, educational and forensic psychology. Earn 7 hours of BPS-accredited CPD hours for attending live on the day. Sessions will also be recorded for registered attendees to watch later.
Saturday 9th Oct 2021

This day will be comprised of a series of in-person workshops that will take place at Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus in Knowledge Park, Dubai, UAE


Earn 3 hours of BPS-accredited CPD hours per workshop. Tickets are limited due to social distancing and to enable discussions and engagement. The campus is located here and is well serviced by both bus and tram. There will also be free parking at the campus for workshop attendees. Please note that these workshops will only be available face-to-face (i.e., you need to attend on-campus) and will not be accessible online. The workshops are only available to Psychological Professionals to register and attend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All workshop participants will be required to show proof of full vaccination OR a negative PCR result within 48hrs of attending the campus - this can be done showing on-campus staff your Al Hosn app or other printed / scanned documentation.






(8th Oct 2021)






















(9th Oct 2021)



08:45 - 09:00

09:00 - 09:10


09:15 - 09:45



09:50 - 10:20



10:25 - 10:55


11:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 12:30


12:30 - 13:00



13:05 - 13:35




13:40 - 14:40



14:40 - 15:10

15:10 - 16:10


16:15 - 16:45





16:50 - 17:20



17:25 - 17:35




09:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 13:00

13:00 - 16:00

Clinical, Health, and Positive Psychology Stream
Organisational & Educational Stream
Conference Log In
Opening Session
Dancing in the Dark: The Role of Autonomy and Following the Steps of the Client
(Dr Chasity O'Connell)
How Ontological Coaching can promote connectedness and resilience in a post-COVID world
(Mrs Roberta Pagliarulo)
Individual and systemic factors that impact "Sense of Belonging"
(Ms Reema Baniabbasi)
AI and personality assessment in the workplace: The future of personality assessments in a post-COVID world
(Mrs Nashwa Tantawy)
Burnout and Ethical Practices of Mental Health Professionals
(Ms Shubhika Agarwal & Dr Ananya Sinha)
Key competencies in the reshaped world of work.
(Ms Amanda White)
Keynote Speaker 1 - Prof Rory O'Connor: When It is Darkest: Understanding Suicide Risk
Lunch Break
The (urgent) role of connecting with nature for greater subjective wellbeing
(Dr. Louise Lambert)
Coaching competency frameworks: How coaching skills and competencies are perceived by practicing coaches and coaching psychologists
(Michael Saint & Dr Dasha Grajfoner)
Maintaining Social Distance and Social Connectedness by Using Mindfulness: Protective Factors for Wellbeing during COVID Pandemic
(Dr. Rizwana Amin)

Autism – Parents on the Spectrum
(Mrs. Monica Beck)

Panel Discussion: COVID-19, Telehealth and Art Therapy in the Arabian Gulf
(Mrs Natalia Gomez Carlier, Sara Powell, Mariam Halawani, Michelle Dixon & Alan Weber)
Panel Discussion: The role of coaching psychology in a post-COVID world
(Facilitator: Silvia King; Panellists: Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, Dr Lucy Bolton, Dr Dasha Grajfoner & Dr Guek-Nee Ke)
Afternoon Break
Key Note Speaker 2 - Prof Rob Briner: The role of evidence-based practice in applied psychology
Social Motivation, Mental health, and Autism
(Dr Mary Stewart)
Fostering Learner Engagement and Establishing Connectedness in Online Learning
(Dr. Randa Soliman)
Correlates of Psychological Testing Variables with Institutional Violence and Length of Stay in a Maximum Security Forensic Hospital
(Dr Sami Farhat, Dr Victor Barry Dauphin, Dr Nicole Kletzka, Dr John Porcerelli, Dr Jay Witherell & Dr Linda Slowik)
How are academics thought of by society? Social representations and perceptions of academics among different social and professional groups
(Dr Mioara Cristea, Ms Farah Abdulrahman, Mr Reece Docherty, & Dr Louise Delicato)
Closing Session
Workshop 1
Workshop 2

Grief counselling (Dr. Ananya Sinha)
Working with children and families to promote attachment, nurture and connection through play-based therapeutic interventions and strategies (Esra Uzsayilir & Sara Callaghan)
Lunch Break
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Positive Psychology
(Nicola Barrington)