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International Psychology Conference Dubai 

IPCD 2022 - Understanding Resilience in its wider context

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

October 15 - 16 2022

at the Dubai Knowledge Park Conference Centre


IPCD 2022 - Understanding Resilience in its wider context

Resilience has been one of the most talked-about concepts within the last couple of years; not only in psychology, but also in domains as diverse as the workplace, politics, climate change, and finance. Although most of the definitions of resilience focus on the adaptation and adjustment of the individual when faced with unexpected situations and significant sources of stress, not much acknowledgment is given to contextual factors. Therefore, IPCD’s 2022 theme will be dedicated to understanding resilience in its wider context - namely, how any individual's capacity for resilience interacts within the wider systems we exist in, and how resilience can be enhanced at the community, cultural and systemic level.

We look forward to seeing you there!


For professionals in any aspect of organisational and/or industrial enhancements and development, as well as employee performance, productivity, and health and safety.

For professionals seeking to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing at the individual and community level. Topics that focus on considerations unique to the GCC region are particularly welcome.

For educational psychologists, school counselors, teachers and those in child and adolescent clinical services, we explore how psychological theory, practices, and interventions can enhance wellbeing, educational outcomes, and community engagement.

New for all, this is for professionals who work in legal, correctional, judicial and investigative settings.

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