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International Psychology Conference Dubai 

IPCD 2023 - Psychological Practices in the Digital Age

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

October 14 - 15 2023

at the Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, UAE


IPCD 2023 - Psychological Practices in the Digital Age

The accelerated growth in this digital age has changed the way we think and live. This technological progress has broken down barriers and made the ‘Psychology’ and ‘Technology’ collaboration more exciting than ever before. The implications of human-machine interactions for psychological science and practices are endless; from its critical role in the design and development of technology, to understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities of this new era.

The theme of IPCD 2023 will be dedicated to Psychological Practices in the Digital Age.  This includes understanding the impact of technology on our lives in wide variety of domains such as health, education, safety, law enforcement, the way we work and how we think. It also aims to discuss the ways technology is used to promote wellbeing and support human flourishing. IPCD 2023 provides an opportunity to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration in the midst of this ever-evolving digital era.


For professionals in any aspect of organisational and/or industrial enhancements and development, as well as employee performance, productivity, and health and safety.

For professionals seeking to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing at the individual and community level. Topics that focus on considerations unique to the GCC region are particularly welcome.

For educational psychologists, school counselors, teachers and those in child and adolescent clinical services, we explore how psychological theory, practices, and interventions can enhance wellbeing, educational outcomes, and community engagement.

New for all, this is for professionals who work in legal, correctional, judicial and investigative settings.

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