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Dr. Nazli Balkir Neftci

Dr. Nazli Balkir Neftci

Dr. Nazli Balkır Neftçi is a highly accomplished clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with extensive experience in research, teaching, and clinical practice. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, Germany. Dr. Neftci is the author of several international publications examining the implications of culture on psychological disorders and their treatment among patients, immigrants, and refugees of Middle Eastern origin. With her extensive expertise in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, Dr. Neftçi continues to contribute to the field through her research, teaching, and clinical practice. Her dedication to understanding cultural influences on mental health and her commitment to helping individuals cope with psychological challenges make her a highly respected professional in her field.

Game Play in a social society: Exploring the risk factors associated with Pathological Online Gaming among youth in Dubai

Concern over pathological or obsessive video game playing among children and teenagers around the world has grown as a result of increased internet use and video gaming. However, the prevalence of pathogenic symptoms is poorly understood in adolescents residing in Dubai who play video games, and the psychometric qualities of the instruments used to measure these symptoms. This analysis comprises surveying 450 students from over 15 universities in Dubai. The findings of this research provide empirical evidence that a variety of risk factors, including internet use and its impact on behavior and communication, regulate vulnerability to pathological online gaming. There is widespread agreement that factors in the development of internet and gaming addiction include players' goals, including overcoming unpleasant sentiments, success, networking, and immersion. Future research could inculcate the opinions of students from public universities as well as other Emirates.

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