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Mrs. Yasmen Ahmed

Mrs. Yasmen Ahmed

Yasmen Ahmed is a British Egyptian Therapist currently living in Dubai; she also speaks fluent Arabic. As a UK-Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with training in Psychotherapy and Counselling, she has a solid foundation in traditional psychological models. She completed further CBT training in Australia with the Australian Psychological Association. After hitting rock bottom emotionally and physically, having suffered with chronic pain in her early 20’s, she ventured beyond the traditional path and became a Certified UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) and Thetahealer ®.

Merging traditional Psychology with other modalities that aid in transformation and healing is what inspires her most, so she offers a unique approach to healing and well-being.

Over the years, Yasmen has worked in a brain trauma center in the UK, attended numerous mental health conferences, conducted many workshops, worked as a school Psychologist in Al Ain, UAE and in variety of wellness centers.

Currently, she runs her own online social media platform called 'Inspire with Yas' where she shares daily tips, videos, tools and resources to help individuals heal and transform. She also offers 1:1 sessions and has written a personal transformation book, which will be published soon.

Unleashing the power within: Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in the Digital Age - why we need it now more than ever

Discover the transformative potential of hypnotherapy and hypnosis and understand why these practices are essential in our current digital landscape and how we can efficiently begin to use them.
Through engaging storytelling, compelling case studies and practical applications, this presentation will explore how hypnotherapy and hypnosis can unlock our hidden potential, enabling us to navigate the challenges and thrive in the digital age.

As we explore the amazing interaction between our minds and the digital realm, we will see how online hypnotherapy and hypnosis can serve as catalysts for personal development, self-discovery, and improved wellbeing in our society that is becoming more and more computerized.

Additionally, this presentation will tackle the vital topic of ethical considerations in online hypnotherapy. We will dive into the responsible and professional practices required to ensure client privacy, informed consent, and maintain the highest ethical standards in the digital world, learning practical strategies for providing ethical online hypnotherapy sessions. You will leave this presentation with useful tools, action plans for those in the Mental Health field and a renewed confidence to unleash your inner potential.

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