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Ms. Haya AlAssaf

Ms. Haya AlAssaf

Haya specialises in the integration of forensic psychology, social cognition, law, and policy. Currently pursuing a PhD at University College London, she also serves as an associate in the risk, forensic, and compliance practice at Ankura Consulting. Haya's expertise spans multiple disciplines, reflecting her dedication to understanding the intricate connections between psychology, society, and the legal system.

Innovating boundaries: How technology saved my psychological research

Adaptability and technology, terms that often go hand-in-hand - terms that most definitely define my PhD journey. Starting a research degree during a global pandemic, I knew I would have to overcome certain struggles; however, what I did not anticipate was how many opportunities it would grant me as well. With a focus on a forensic psychology perspective, this presentation highlights the implication of the acceleration of technology and acceptance of digital research practices in psychology, and how this culminated in a viable, collaborative, and resilient start to a career in academia and psychology in the region.

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