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Paulina Kruczek

Paulina Kruczek

Paulina Kruczek is a 3rd-grade Physiotherapy student from the Medical University of Rzeszów. She is interested in psychophysiology, cardiac rehabilitation, and physiotherapy and preventive measures for people with obesity. Since 2021, Paulina has been a member of the scientific group of Ideo Research Developmental Centre, which focuses on the integration of IT technology with cardiac rehabilitation. She is a volunteer for local charities, a scholar of Euroscola program in Strasburg (2020), and has attended and presented at conferences on physiotherapy and psychophysiology, including presenting at the 2022 conference of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe the results of her study on safety and effects of guided breathing among patients after heart attack.

How to improve communication and clinical outcomes for patients: E-PILL and "medutainment" in practice.

Communication with patients, with their families, preparation for lifestyle changes that promote effective management of chronic disease and resistance to disinformation, are more and more challenging in contemporary world. Access to information has been democratized and our patients are interesting targets for "miracle sellers" whose advice has frequently had a negative impact on patients' medical adherence.
The healthcare system must find ways to immunize our patients and their relatives against such actions; at the same time, the healthcare system must find ways to provide our patients with reliable, accessible information that builds adequate understanding of medical situation which will improve medical communication. The use of IT tools in combination with different educational tools gives us unprecedented options for such approaches. Based on that as well as concept of medutainment, we devised a clinical model called E-PILL, which will be discussed during the workshop.
E-pill is a medutainment-based concept of in/out-patient education of patients and their families that comprises a series of in- and out-hospital IT educational tools (comprising e-learning platforms, story-telling medical information consents, audio-books, comics, cardiac online rehabilitation tools for traditional exercises and breathing exercises, relaxation music) which allow for psychological screening of our patients in terms of anxiety, depression or psychophysiological profile.
This workshop will examine all elements of the E-pill model, using real-life data collected from patients. Attendees will be taken through the process of preparing E-pill model that will suit their medical organization.
During the workshop, attendees will learn:
- how to project different elements of E-pill model considering patients' needs, organization marketing targets; we will go step by step through process of using story telling in medicine and will try to prepare specific complex model of E-pill for chosen group of patient;
- how to utilize e-learning and educational platforms using AI tools;
- how to implement psychological screening assessment tools into the learning process.
The workshop is intended for:
- psychologists, health educators and healthcare providers responsible for making educational activities which improve communication with patients and their relatives, thereby creating an environment that enables effective chronic disease management; and
- medical insurance companies: the presented tools can be used to improve quality of care both in and outside of hospital, improving patients' adherence to medical recommendations and also avoiding misuse or abuse of healthcare system services.

The authors thank the work of their co-contributors, many of whom are members of the start-up Ideo Ltd., an IT company creating experimental solutions in tele-medical platforms for online cardiac rehabilitation, medical education of patients and their relatives:
- Wiktor Kołodziej, IT, graphics
- Patryk Paściak, IT backend specialist
- Dawid Węgrzyn, IT, application specialist
- Krzysztof Małysa, IT application specialist
- Jakub Kurcoń, IT application specialist
- Łukasz Hasman, IT team leader
- Adrian Krawczyk, IT test analyses
- Łukasz Kądziela, interventional cardiologist, University Hospital, Rzeszow, Poland, research team member
- Ziemowit Michno, CEO Ideo Ltd., Rzeszow, Poland.

NOTE: attendance at this workshop will be limited to 40 delegates. Admission to the workshop will be on a first come, first serve basis on the day, with priority given to Professional Delegates (if any spaces are available, these will be offered to HWU and non-HWU Student Delegates).

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