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Tanya Gordon

Tanya Gordon

Tanya Gordon is an executive coach and leadership consultant who specialises in helping leaders and teams translate strategy into actions that deliver personal and business results. Tanya has extensive experience delivering global leadership and coaching programmes to senior leaders and teams across multiple industries, working with clients such as Bank of Ireland, Oracle, Warner Music, Cambridge Assessment, NHS, EasyJet and Civil Service. Tanya combines her knowledge of business strategy and human performance to drive behavioural and organisational change. Passionate about team coaching and facilitating inclusive conversations, Tanya skilfully challenges cultural norms and beliefs that hinder transformation. Tanya is an accredited coach and trainer facilitator. She holds an executive MBA and is accredited with the British Psychological Society. As a speaker, Tanya explores areas of Leadership Identity, Inclusion, Resilience and Wellbeing.

Embracing the digital transformation in Business Psychology: A path to innovation and impact

Business Psychology is a growing area of psychology in the Middle East region. This is both exciting and potentially challenging. With Business Psychology not being regulated in the region yet, there is a potential risk of those who call themselves ‘Business Psychologists’ or ‘Business Psychology Consultants’, representing a variety of levels across psychological practices. As a group of BPS registered Business Psychologists, this is a growing concern for us as professionals as we believe that when working with clients, all Business Psychologists must follow the same code of ethics, incorporate duty of care and ensure client-centred support.
Through digital collaboration and innovation, interdisciplinary partnerships will be encouraged to address complex organizational challenges in the digital age. The panel discussion will explore training opportunities that equip professionals with the necessary skills and competencies to navigate the digital landscape effectively, ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and up-to-date solutions.

Embracing the digital transformation in Business Psychology has the potential to make a profound impact on organizations and individuals. By embracing digital advancements, professionals can drive innovation and positive change. This panel discussion aims to inspire attendees to explore the possibilities, collaborate, and shape the future of Business Psychology in the Middle East.

We are creating a Society for all those who are interested in Business Psychology within the GCC region. This Society will enable psychologists working with organisations to access knowledge, experience and the latest best practice guidelines, as well as network and explore potential opportunities for collaboration on a number of projects, including understanding the pitfalls and opportunities around increased technology use in organisations.Our members will have access to discounted CPD events and will have the opportunity to showcase their work in the form of case studies or research papers through such events. This amazing community of practice will create a strong baseline for the future of Business Psychology in the Middle East.

The aim of this panel is to discuss the importance of professional development and cohesion for Business Psychologists in the region with a focus on the digital impact on organisations, leaders, teams and individual employees. Business Psychology plays a vital role in the Middle East and we will discuss the need for this service for organisations in supporting multicultural workforces, leadership development, employee wellbeing and engagement, change management (with rapid economic growth), and attracting and retaining talent. By sharing psychological insights, and integrating them into digital strategies, organisations in the Middle East can create a competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth in the region within a changing digital landscape.
The Society will also be opened to those non psychologists , who are interested in psychology at work. We will share with you the latest research, solutions and best practices in the area of leadership, wellbeing, assessments /recruitment/ talent development, ergonomics, coaching and many others. Our CPD events will be open to all members and will enhance your knowledge and skills in order to create strong and effective individuals, teams and organizations during the new digital era.

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