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Tripthi Tharoor

Tripthi Tharoor

Tripthi Tharoor is an MBA graduate with a history of working in the aviation industry. She is currently working as an HR Consultant for GRID Consult in Dubai, while also pursuing her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Tripthi’s research interests include gender equality and diversity, and particularly women in leadership. Her dissertation, as a part of her MSc in Business Psychology with Coaching from Heriot-Watt University, is an exploratory study into the work-life balance issues for women leaders in the UAE. Through her research, she aims to discover what kind of barriers women face with regards to work-life balance and what impact organizational support has on work-life balance issues for women in leadership roles. Subsequently, her goal is to highlight potential implications for workplace policies surrounding work-life balance and women’s career advancement opportunities.

Empowering female managers in the Digital Era: Overcoming barriers, harnessing opportunities

The rapid advancement of digital technologies has brought both opportunities and challenges for female managers in the Middle East, including the UAE. This panel discussion seeks to address the multifaceted barriers and opportunities that arise in the digital era and explore strategies to empower and support the career advancement of women in leadership roles.

Barriers and Challenges in the Digital Era:
The panel will delve into the unique barriers that women face in the digital era, including the digital gender divide, biases in algorithmic decision-making, online harassment, work-life integration challenges, and digital skills gaps. The discussion will analyze the intersectionality of these barriers and their impact on women's career progression.

Support Mechanisms in the Digital Landscape:
The panel will explore the digital support mechanisms and initiatives designed to foster the development of female managers. This includes virtual mentoring programs, online leadership development courses, digital networking platforms, and remote work policies. The discussion will highlight successful digital initiatives and their impact on supporting and empowering women in the workplace.

Strategies for Empowerment in the Digital Era:
Building upon the identified barriers and digital support mechanisms, the panel will propose strategies to empower female managers in the digital era. This may include advocating for digital literacy and upskilling programs, promoting inclusive digital workplaces, leveraging digital platforms for networking and visibility, and harnessing digital tools for remote collaboration and flexible work arrangements.

Key Issues for Debate:
The panel discussion will encourage thought-provoking debate on several key issues, such as the impact of digital transformation on gender equality, the role of digital leadership in fostering inclusive workplaces, the ethical implications of AI-driven decision-making, and the potential for digital solutions to address work-life integration challenges.

This panel discussion aims to explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by female managers in the digital era and propose strategies to empower and support their career advancement. By embracing digital technologies and fostering an inclusive digital culture, organizations can create an environment where women can thrive and succeed in leadership roles in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

Keywords: female managers, UAE, Middle East, barriers, support mechanisms, digital era, digital transformation, gender equality, diversity, female empowerment, digital leadership, workplace challenges.

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