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Delegate registrations to attend the conference will open in August 2023, once the agenda is finalized.
If you have an idea for a presentation, panel discussion, or workshop, please submit your proposal here.

Read the information below to know what to include in your application.

Submission Deadline has now Passed (07th July 2023)

(All applicants will be notified as to whether their submission was accepted or not by Friday 28th July)

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General Information for Applicants

• Submissions are sought for presentations, panel discussions, and workshops on topics relevant to our conference theme.  • Presentations will be 45 mins and can have one or more presenters. Presenters can format this 45 minutes as they like, but please note that any Q&A sessions needs to be included in this 45-minute timeframe. • Panel Discussions will be 75 mins. These should have 2 or more presenters who discuss their varied perspectives on a particular issue/topic. The panel can nominate their own moderator, or one can be provided by the conference committee, if requested. Panel Discussions may include a presentation as part of its structure, if this enables audience participation, or it can be purely discussion-based. • Workshops will be 3 hours and can have one or more presenters. These workshops should involve practical training relevant to psychology and related health professionals. This could include (but are not limited to) information about new or updated assessment tools; training or information about therapeutic techniques or interventions; or skill development in areas relevant to delivery of psychological services. Evaluation of workshops proposals will focus on the inclusion of interactive or practical activities, so please ensure that this is highlighted in your description. Workshops may be provided by commercial organizations to promote a specific tool, but must include discussion of relevant evidence and evaluations.  • Topics that specifically cover the unique considerations of psychological practice in the GCC region are particularly welcome. • High-quality papers in fields outside of psychology will be considered, so long as their application to psychological practice is made clear. • In all areas, the focus should be on research and knowledge relevant to professional practice.  • Submissions for any format are not to be highly promotional in nature (i.e. a strong commercial emphasis) and should provide some learning outcomes that do not require an initial purchase of any particular product.  • Where researchers are presenting primary research, please ensure that the practical/applied implications of the findings form the basis for the presentation. • Please note that accepted presenters will need to coordinate their own UAE entry visas, flights and accommodation (the conference has accommodation partners that offer rooms at discounted rates at hotels near the Heriot-Watt University campus). • IPCD does not provide financial support to accepted speakers. • The IPCD committee can provide a letter of support / acknowledgment of your presenter status, if this is required for visa purposes, requirements of your employer, etc. • Speakers will be given a certificate of acknowledgment recognizing their contribution to the conference. They will also be able to register to attend the conference at a discounted rate offered to Speakers. • Applicants will be notified by July 28 as to whether their submission was accepted for inclusion in the IPCD 2023 agenda or not. Please note that inclusion is competitive and your application will be reviewed by a panel of researchers and practitioners. • Registrations for Speakers (as well as Conference Delegates) will open in early August. • Accepted speakers will need to finalize their registration for the conference (thereby confirming their spot in the agenda) by September 14, 2023. If not finalized by then, your place in the agenda will be offered to another speaker.

What will I need to submit as part of my Application ??

• You will be asked to indicate whether you are submitting an application for a presentation, a panel discussion, or a workshop. If you want to make multiple submissions (e.g. you want to submit an application for a presentation, and a submission for a workshop), you need to make a new submission for each application. • A title (no more than 20 words in length). • An abstract (a summary of what will be covered, in about 300 words). Be sure to make it clear how your submission relates to the conference theme. Please include a reference list at the end of your abstract, if you cite any literature in the abstract. • Presenters' biographies (each around 200 words). Where relevant, affiliations and commercial interests should be declared. If you have co-authors for the work, who will not be presenting at the conference itself, you will also be asked to provide their information.  • Presenters' email addresses (these will be listed on the website, so please provide email addresses that you are happy to receive delegate questions from). • The area of psychology that your submission is relevant to. Workshops should also include a list of aims and/or learning outcomes for the practical aspect of the session. • If you have never previously presented at IPCD, then you will be asked to provide a link to a video recording that demonstrates your presentation skills in English. This only needs to be about one minute in length (longer is also fine), but will be used to review presenters’ ability to engage and energize a professional audience. This video can be recorded on an iPhone or any available device, or you can provide a link to an existing presentation recording (e.g. on YouTube, LinkedIn, your personal website).

Please refer to the Book of Proceedings on our 'Resources' tab for an idea of the types of submissions that have been accepted at past IPCD Conferences.


Coming soon! The agenda will be finalized and released in August 2023!


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