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Submission Deadline: 15th May 2022

Response date: 15th June 2022 (you will be notified if your submission is accepted by this date).

General Information for Authors / Presenters

Submissions are sought for presentations, panel discussions, and workshops on topics relevant to our conference theme. Topics that specifically cover the unique considerations of psychological practice in the GCC region are particularly welcome.

High-quality papers in fields outside of psychology will be considered, so long as their application to psychological practice is made clear.

In all areas, the focus should be on research and knowledge relevant to professional practice. Where researchers are presenting primary research, please ensure that the practical/applied implications of the findings form the basis for the presentation.

All presentations should be knowledge-driven in nature and should not be used to simply promote or advertise any specific organization or tool. Presenters should also bear in mind the digital format in which delivery will now take place. There are additional skills involved in presenting engaging online material – the IPCD committee will be offering supports, tips, and advice for those presenters whose submissions are accepted.

Please note that the conference is scheduled to take place in-person, at the Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus in Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai, UAE. Saturday 15th October will be comprised of presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers, whilst Sunday 16th October will host a series of half-day workshops. The organizing committee will notify speakers and attendees of any necessary health and safety procedures (including any social distancing restrictions) in the days before the conference. Attendees and speakers visiting from outside the UAE should familiarize themselves with any vaccination requirements or PCR testing when finalizing their visa
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Abstract (max. 400 wds)

  • A clear heading stating the proposed title, authors name(s) and affiliation(s), and the session category (presentation, workshop, or panel discussion).

  • The area of psychology your submission is relevant to. 

  • Please include a reference list if you cite any literature.

  • NOTE: Please make it clear how your topic relates to the conference theme. 

  • Workshops should also include a list of aims and/or learning outcomes for the practical aspect of the session.

Presenter Information (max. 300 wds)

  • The primary presenter must include a brief biography. This should include educational qualifications (can be listed) and relevant indicators of expertise including publications, projects, awards or career highlights (as sentences).

  • The presenter will also be asked (in the submission portal) to include a contact email that can be published to delegates and printed in the proceedings.

  • Where relevant, affiliations and commercial interests should be declared.

  • If you have previously presented at IPCD, then you do not need to complete this step.

  • Please record a brief introduction to you and your topic. Here are suggestions:

  • Name, area of work/interest, and a fun fact about yourself!

  • What is your topic, why is this important for practitioners to learn/know?

  • This can be recorded on an iPhone or any available device, or you can provide a link to an existing presentation recording (e.g. on YouTube, LinkedIn).

  • Language must be English.

  • The video will be used to review presenters’ ability to engage and energize a professional audience.

Short Video Intro (for new speakers) (1 minute in length)

Submit your application here. 



Presentations (20-30 mins), Saturday 15th Oct 2022
Presenters should allow time for a brief, 5-minute Q&A following their presentation. Speakers are encouraged to make the talk engaging and interactive within the time allowed.
Panel Discussions (45-60 mins), Saturday 15th Oct 2022
Panel discussions are interactive sessions where two or more practitioners discuss their perspectives on a particular issue, whilst managing discussion and input from the audience. Sessions may include a brief presentation if this enables audience participation.
Workshops (3 hours), Sunday 16th Oct 2022

These workshops should involve practical training relevant to psychology professionals. This could include (but are not limited to) information about new or updated assessment tools; training or information about therapeutic techniques or interventions; skill development in areas relevant to delivery of psychological services.

Workshops may be provided by commercial organizations to promote a specific tool but must include discussion of relevant evidence and evaluations. Workshops are not to be highly promotional in nature (i.e. a strong commercial emphasis) and should provide some learning outcomes that do not require an initial purchase of the product.

Evaluation of workshops proposals will focus on the inclusion of interactive or practical activities, so please ensure that this is highlighted in your description.

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